• Three Keys to Understanding the Yemeni War
    A Note from the Editorial Team We conclude our Insights series on Developments in the Middle East with Susanne Dahlgren's perspective on Yemen. In our next Insights series, we look more closely at Qatar’s society and economy.     By Susanne Dahlgren CLICK HERE FOR PDF ..
  • Insight 175: Why Central Asia Counts
    A Note from the Editorial Team At the Middle East Institute, we welcome the scholarship of researchers from various disciplines within and without the Institute, looking not just at the Middle East but even a little beyond. With this issue, our guest contributor, S. Frederick Starr of the Central Asia ..
  • Insight 174: Developments in the Middle East Insight Series- Iraq, Kurdistan and Kirkuk: Untying the Knot
    Developments in the Middle East Insight Series A Note from the Editorial Team Last Friday, Victor Kattan’s Insight focused on developments in Palestine with the landmark deal signed between Fatah and Hamas, possibly paving the way for a greater Palestinian unity against Israeli occupation. We continue to keep..
  • 2017 Emirates NBD Middle East Essay | Ex-Gazans in Jordan: From Legal ‘Outsiders’ to Political ‘Outsiders’
    Peter Ooi Teik Aun Yale-NUS 2017 Emirates NBD Middle East Essay Prize Winner                                        ..
  • Trump and Jerusalem: Fanning Geopolitical Flames
    Last week, Dr Victor Kattan, MEI's Senior Research Fellow, appeared on BBC, CNA, Al-Jazeera, Bloomberg and CNN to elaborate on the geopolitical implications of Trump's announcement to shift the US embassy to Jerusalem, which he further explored in an in-depth op-ed for the Straits Times. ..
  • News Roundup: 2nd December - 8th December
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@MEI_NUS   A tale of two halves, the streets of Gaza offer a relief from the chaos of the city. via @MiddleEastEye

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@MEI_NUS   This year marks the 40th anniversary of Egypt President Anwar Sadat's visit to Israel in 1977. H.E. Simona Halperin……

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