• Insight 169: The Rule of Law in the Arab Gulf Project: Relevance and Future Issues
    By David Mednicoff CLICK HERE FOR PDF As I write these words, the nations of the Arab Gulf are embroiled in a serious diplomatic squabble that might make us question the significance, or very possibility, of developing a comparative framework for understanding the rule of law in the Arab Gulf...
  • Insight 168: The Socio-Cultural Mediation of the Rule of Law In the Gulf Arab States
    By Gwenn Okruhlik CLICK HERE FOR PDF Both scholars and practitioners argue about the substantive content of the rule of law. The World Justice Project, which brings together both, emphasizes four universal principles: 1) the accountability of all before the law, including government officials; 2) laws that are clear, publicized and applied..
  • Insight 167: The liberation of Mosul and the prospects for Iraqi rebirth
    By Fanar Haddad CLICK HERE FOR PDF Just over three years after stunning the world with their takeover of much of Iraq and their establishment of ‘the Caliphate’, the so-called Islamic State (IS) has been ejected from their de-facto Iraqi capital Mosul. Much to the delight of people..
  • News Roundup: 12th August - 18th August 2017
      Saudi Arabia's Overtures to Iraq For the first time since Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990, Saudi Arabia plans to open the Arar border crossing for trade – this follows Saudi's decision to establish a joint trade commission with Baghdad. For the..
  • News Roundup: 5th August - 11th August 2017
      Netanyahu’s Political Career in Jeopardy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being investigated for possible fraud, breach of trust, and bribery – charges he firmly denies. In another damaging twist, Netanyahu’s former top aide and chief of staff has entered a plea..
  • In Memoriam: Prof. Peter Sluglett
        It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Professor Peter Sluglett on August 10, 2017. Prof.Sluglett served as Director at the Middle East Institute from 2014- 2016. A historian of the 19th and 20th century Middle East, he joined the Institute as a Visiting Research Professor..
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@MEI_NUS   .@fanarhaddad shared his views with @DailyStarLeb on Muqtada al-Sadr’s visit to KSA & UAE. #thingsMEIresearchersdo

@MEI_NUS   .@VictorKattan shed light on the Arab-Israeli conflict at today's outreach event with Raffles Institution students.……

@MEI_NUS   There were some interesting milestones in the #MiddleEast this week. Get the full details on our blog:……

@michaelchudson   @MEI_NUS I join you in spirit to honor my late friend and colleague.

@MEI_NUS   2/ Today, we honoured & celebrated his work & life with his family, friends, colleagues and @NUSingapore community.

@MEI_NUS   1/ It's been a week since we lost our esteemed colleague and erudite Middle Eastern scholar Professor Peter Sluglett.

@MEI_NUS   3/ also forces of exclusion & tensions..."-@DukeU's Janice Jeong in today's Arabia Asia cluster meeting. #MEIquotes

@MEI_NUS   2/ are about enduring mechanisms of forming trans-local linkages along which people, charities and aspirations circ……

@MEI_NUS   1/ "Chinese Muslim diasporic networks b/w KSA, Taiwan & mainland China through the course of the 20th century…

@jagowriter   Grateful to @MEI_NUS for the opportunity to speak about comparative experiences of managing security in Middle East……

@MEI_NUS   We spent the afternoon with @hdcentre's Dr Michael Vatikiotis discussing lessons that the #MiddleEast could learn f……

@MEI_NUS   2/ Bilateral closeness also a result of interests related to #OBOR & secular, anti-cult ideological coherence.

@MEI_NUS   1/ #China, promoted by rising militancy in E. Asia & Uighurs’ involvemt in #Syria,sends special envoy to drive conflict resolution. #MEIrecs

@MEI_NUS   From Persia to modern #Iran, Persepolis has been the site of contesting political visions & narratives. #MEIrecs…

@MEI_NUS   Catch the last 3 films of #meff2017! 1) Beauty & the Dogs 2) I Still Hide to Smoke 3) In the Last Days of the City……

@MEI_NUS   A novel & artistic way to remember the thousands that have died & the millions displaced in the #Syrianwar.

@MEI_NUS   .@fanarhaddad considers the implications of Moqtada al-Sadr's visit to KSA in an article for…

@MEI_NUS   2/ We extend our heartfelt condolences to his loved ones. Prof. Sluglett will always be remembered at MEI.

@MEI_NUS   1/ It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of our former director Prof. Peter Sluglett.

@MEI_NUS   What does it mean to be a jihadist? This article with @Hegghammer reveals rather interesting elements. #MEIrecs

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